Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ramblings about my day

So today has been a success.
Ate healthily
Worked out a bit
made a new spotify playlist
found new bands
I got a devotional book called Live Second: 365 ways to make Jesus first.
finished day 1.
so far so good.
I think i'm going to like this.
I got another book called God Loves Ugly.
It's about this girl that struggled with bulimia.
I found the story line very interesting and I'm pretty pumped to read about her journey.
The last book that I got is called Praying for your future husband: preparing your heart for his
Because i'm single, i thought i should take advantage of this time and read up lol
All in all I am trying to become a better person this year.
I have a tendency to be super sarcastic all the time.
that's just who I am.
I'm rarely serious about anything and I rarely take actual offense to things.
Yet a lot of times I like to think that i'm better than everyone else.
i'm going to change that this year
starting this morning
all those egotistical e-cards that you read.
basically my life.
I have to work at 8 in the morning omg.
this is not a fun time.
but i'm not that tired so i don't really care.
I have a pretty busy day ahead of me tomorrow.
work from 8-1:30 then going to a late lunch with my best friends.
one of my best friends is leaving saturday morning to go to school in Kentucky.
I am so proud of her for choosing a great major
but it's not a fun time because I am going to miss her like crazy.
Tomorrow is the goodbye lunch.
Goodbyes are never easy.
but it obviously has to happen.
and it's not like we'll never see each other again.
there's spring break/summer break.
it's not goodbye, more like see you later.

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